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way to emulate whitney houston. her range, the soprano, the going into the alto, the emotion in her voice, the strength of her voice, the purity of her voice, just so much strength and so much ease at the same time. it's just magical. >> magical and she was very glamorous throughout. i mean perhaps her modeling career, you know, helped prepare her for, that perhaps because she came from the musical pedigree in which she did but she seemed to have a certain glamour about her that really did kind of strike you as kind of old hollywood. >> very old hollywood. the thing about whitney houston to me it was charisma, it was confidence, it was her just knowing that she was where she was supposed to be, doing what she was supposed to be doing, and doing it well and doing it better than anyone else. she walked that walk. she talked that talk. and she sang that song. >> danyell smith, editor of "billboard" magazine, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> we're continuing to follow developments in the death of pop super star whitney houston. tonight an all-star tribute will be paid to the
there tonight. everyone has whitney houston on their minds and they are hoping to hear her music in the clubs. a lot of people are still in shock. >> a lot of people are. most are still in shock. thank you very much. i appreciate that. we couldn't believe it. we have been hearing about it for a while that she died for a few minutes and we were waiting on confirmation from her people and even when the words came out of my mouth when i uttered them on the air here, i am having a hard time now. 48 years old. go ahead. are you there? >> i was thinking about listening to you guys talking about your favorite music, favorite songs and things that she had accomplished in her career. do you remember when she saying the national anthem at the super bowl. >> it was amazing. she made it a hit. it was on billboard. they played it on the radio. it's odd. things happen for a reason. the first "american idol." i forget her name right now. kelly clarkson. sorry, kelly. she saying the national anthem at the super bowl last weekend. weekend and i put it on my facebook page. >> i just thought about it. >> people
whitney houston was pronounced dead at the beverly hilton hotel. she has been positively identified by friends, family and co-workers that were with her at the hotel. and the next of kin have already been notified. there were no obvious signs of any criminal intent at this time, and it's currently being investigated by the beverly hills police detectives. that's all i have right now for a prepared state. >> was she a guest here at the hotel or was she here for the party? >> she was a guest here at the hotel. >> was she alone? >> she had an entourage with her. >> was she in the room? >> yes. >> was there any signs of drug use or drug overdose? >> it's still under investigation. our detectives are upstairs right now. >> hotel security was trying to recess tate her? >> they did initially begin ree resuscitation efforts but they were not successful. >> who made the call? >> somebody in her entourage. >> was she staying with rayjay? >> i do not know that. >> what happens at this point? >> it is currently under investigation. our detectives are going to follow up. the first thing to deter
asked if i could do something for this artist. that's when he put on the tape and it was whitney houston, and i said, why don't we do something like a martvin gaye, tammy terrell, and i would see her, and she would say, are you okay, jackson? i would say, i'm fine, are you okay? i wanted her to get back on the right track. i don't want to talk about the things that happened in her life on the downside of things because i think it's important. she had done so much good for the world with her music and her sales, and that's what the media tends to do, tend to look at the negative things, but there's a lot of good, a lot of good. she inspired a lot of young females and male singers. we loved her, my family loved her. >> jermaine, if i could jump in, i wanted to ask you, again about the parallels of your brother michael, because both of them were the hugely famous, iconic entertainers. they both died around the same age, and both of them were exposed to ferocious media scrutiny and pressure. not just from the media, but from the public as well, for many, many years. do you think it's become
. right now whitney houston's family and friends are arriving at a newark, new jersey, church getting ready to remember the singing legend. we have just learned who will perform at the funeral. we'll share that with you in a moment. and we'll talk with chile from the group tlc. and also whitney houston's principal, we'll talk with him also. he'll talk about what the famous singer was really like. from the cnn center in atlanta, this is "cnn saturday morning." i'm gary tuchman. well, aretha franklin, alicia keys, and stevie wonder, just a few of the people who will sing at whitney houston's funeral today. we're about two hours from the expected start. let's check in with jason carroll who's there in newark, new jersey, right now. what else can you tell us about the program that will be taking place today? >> reporter: a friend of the family gave me a rundown on what we can expect to see. the expected time, 12:00 noon. let's start off from the beginning so you know. first it will start off with the new hope mass choir and the new jersey mass choir. today they'll be singing "the lord is
put whitney would have wanted to -- >>> that was clive davis famously discovering whitney houston and signing her to arista records when she was just a teenager. other breaking news, we continue to follow for you, a new and dangerous turn in an international crisis. tonight, black masked protesters in athens are setting fires and battling with police. historic cinemas, cafes and shops going up in flames as you see there. the protests come as the greek parliament prepares to vote on a new round of austerity measures, designed to prevent a government default that could affect worldwide markets. we'll have a live report from athens in 15 minutes from now. >>> now to the other big story we're following today, the death of singer whitney houston. we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding her death and we're getting reaction from her family as well. that in a moment. but first, to the investigation, cnn's casey wians is following all the developments, joining us now live from los angeles. what can you tell us? >> it looks like it may be quite a while before we actually get
>>> we begin with breaking news circling the globe tonight. legendary singer whitney houston has died. the 48-year-old was found in her hotel room by a bodyguard on the fourth floor of the beverly hilton hotel just before 3:30 west coast time. police responded to a call for an unconscious person. paramedics arrived there, tried to revive her, but they were not able to do that. at this point, police have not determined the cause of death. they do not suspect foul play. we know that the man who introduced us to whitney houston, clive davis was to host a pregrammy party. she was there to perform apparently. a lot of unanswered question, but again, the shocking news tonight, 48-year-old musical icon, whitney houston is dead. giel good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilcrest. whitney houston became a superstar. her music touched millions. we'll hear from tho ez who knew her personally. but first, darcy spencer has more on how whitney's fans are reacting tonight. >> reporter: here at radio one in downtown silver spring, the news of whitney houston's death is shocking the music world. >>
and incredible encouragement and accomplishment that she brought to the world now of whitney houston. the greatest love of all. >> from the moment whitney houston broke in song, she was bound for greatness. she performed first at age five and solo at age 11 . young whitney was steeped in music and beauty and voice propelled her in the spotlight. she began modeling the same year and gracing 17 and glamour. >> her premier album spun three number one singles . how will i do, and greatest love of all. it spoke over 13 million and shattering deby. the next album was whitney. it was the first to enter number one but first artist to score seven number one hits and surpassing the milestones by the beatles and bee jays. she tock off time to get her personal life in order. she took up with bad boy rhythm and blues bobby brown and they married before 1800 well wishers . their marriage was far from fairy tale. whitney houston was an all night party girl. they raised their daughter bobby chris tin a. >> thank you so much. >> whitney decided to try her hand at acting. the bodyguard banked over
're watching cnn's special coverage of whitney houston, her life, her music and her coverage. we're reporting live. today is the day as the baptists like to say whitney houston will be sent home. it's a private funeral for her family members and her friends, invitation only. the streets around that church have been closed down, but today it will be filled with mourners who are here to pay their last respects for a woman who had an amazing voice and an amazing life, and died way too early at 48 years old. piers? >> it's a beautiful sunny day in new jersey on the streets where whitney houston first grew up. it's an extraordinary cast. the funeral will open up with the new hope mass choir, new jersey mass choir singing "the lord is my shepherd," then scripture read by pastor joe carter. a solo by donnie mcclurkin. and remarks from tyler perry. and a solo by bebe winans and a solo by come burrell. remarks from kevin costner. we haven't heard from him yet. it will be fascinating to hear what he said. a solo was planned by aretha franklin. we hear she may be sick, she may not be forming. we'll wait
. whitney houston 48 years the beverly hilton hotel now ad crime scene. cause of death but you do have criminal investigators now with a search warrant as they try to determine the actual cause of death of whitney houston. and now that we are straight up midnight, on the east coast, 9:00 p.m. straight up on the west coast, that time has a americaning meaning. the great music be mow bull drive davis set to hold his annual pregram party at the same hotel where whitney houston pass the away a few hours ago. she was set to attend the party. now, celebrities showing up on the red carpet for that party. fox news correspondent casey stegall is live at the beverly hilton to catch us up. casey? >> reporter: the party is supposed to start right now as you just said and then a show is supposed to start in about 30 minutes time at 9:30 pacific which, of course, is 12:30 eastern. and we understand the party goes well into the night until about 2:00 a.m. local time and again we need to point out that we are using the term party loosely because that is what it is intended to be. that is what it
continue to follow. new information now about whitney houston's death. the los angeles coroner confirms to cnn that an autopsy could happen as early as this afternoon. police say there are no obvious signs of foul play. tmz quoting informed sources says the singer was found unconscious in the bath cub tub her hotel room in beverly hills. these are some of the last photos of houston taken thursday at a hollywood nightclub. joining us now, live from los angeles, cnn's casey wian. there are reports also about whitney houston's daughter and that she, bobbi kristina, was rushed to the hospital. what can you tell us about both of those fronts? >> that's right, fredricka. the beverly hills police department confirms to me that in fact bobbi kristina brown was taken to the hospital just before noon today, rushed to the hospital, cedars-sinai hospital, here in los angeles with what they're describing as a nonlife threatening medical transport situation. they will not tell us any more details about her condition. obviously there are reports, though, she was very distraught in the hours immediatel
on a legend like you are, and like whitney houston was, not only the actual tour dates, but also having the paparazzi and people watching your every move? >> well, i think for the more experienced artist, one is pretty much used to that. but for a young artist, perhaps of whitney's age, it may have been very disconcerning to her. i don't don't know. >> you will be perform iing tomorrow night. will you be doing some sort of tribute to whitney? >> yes. there will be a moment of silence and tribute for whitney houston here in charlotte. there's one other thing i would like to say though before i hang up. and that is this. i would just like to caution younger artists, male and female, and particularly those who are in the very high level income, and that is that they should be prepared for what you're going to do when your success plays out. i would like to put it in the words my dad put it into me. he cautioned me early on. saying, no matter who you are and how good you are, one day the applause is going to stop. one day the hall lieu yas and the amens are not going to be active. and one d
voices i ever heard in my life. >> a final farewell to muc legend whitney houston. good morning, i am john scott. >>> and i am uma. this is special coverage of the funeral for whitney houston. >> a look at new hope baptist church. endless stream of friends and family to say goodbye. they were remembered she will celebrate her life. >> a near perfect voice brought tears and joy to people around the world. >> kelly wright is live at new hope baptist church. and for the membership of new hope baptist church who watched whitney houston grow up. it is a day of home going and celebrating their life and legacy and her gift to the world as being one of the greatest mucal talents ever among the tars . whitney will be remembered for her amazing voice. ♪ and i will always love you. ♪ i will always love you. >> that amazing voice, whitney will be remembered among hat amazing voice. and bobby humphrey told me, remembering the early ears when whitney was a teenager and performed with her mother in new york city where she was discovered. >> she had started modeling and which one of the two would
>>> good morning. in of you are just waking up to the news that celebrated singer whitney houston is dead. she was just 48 years old. here's what we know right now. houston's body was found in her room at the beverly hilton hotel. police say there were no signs of obvious criminal intent. the body was moved from the hotel to the morgue just a couple of hours ago. that's where they will try to determine the cause of death. a music industry executive stayed in the room just above houston's and says she heard two loud booms and a man's voice around 20 minutes before houston was pronounced dead. ♪ ♪ i get so emotional, baby every time i think of you ♪ >> it is hard to know where to begin or how to describe the life of whitney houston, as both an entertainer and person. she's being described as larger than life. born in 1963 to gospel singer cici houston. her debut album entitled, of course, "whitney houston" sold 12 million copies in the u.s. alone. she recorded a string of billboard flb one hits in the 1908s and 1990s, including "saving all my love for you" and "how will i know
about the inxrenable talent of whitney houston and how the santorum surge is driving republicans crazy, including ann coulter who was for romney before she was against him but now she's for him. again we look at how president obama turned it into a touchdown. we'll talk with whitney's friends, people that loved her and people that made musical magic with her, including the last person who sang with her. >> the name whitney houston joins a long list of thoroughly talented artists who entertained all of us who lived hard and died young. >> whitney houston was discovered in her bathtub by maybe of her personal staff at 3:30 on saturday afternoon. >> though police do say the autopsy is now complete and there's no sign of foul play. >> we are all waiting for the toxicology report to come back. that could take six to eight weeks. >> whitney's body will be flown thoer to her hometown of newark, new jersey. ♪ break it up ♪ >> whitney houston's family is still making funeral arrangements, but wnbc is reporting tonight that the wake will be held thursday and the funeral is friday. the body i
remember a music legend, a woman whose soaring voice can still send chills up your spine. whitney houston dead at the age of 48. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ i will always love you ♪ i will always love you >> houston should be at the grammys with the rest of the superstars, but instead her life ended on saturday in a beverly hills hotel room. an autopsy has been performed on her body, but it could take as long as eight weeks to get the toxicology results back. investigators say a guard found her unconscious in a bathtub. they performed cpr, but she was pronounced dead at the hotel. tmz reports that pill bottles were found at the scene courtesy of tmz. a picture of the 18-year-old daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown being rushed to a los angeles hospital. seems she is okay. a source said she has since been released. tonight the music industry is honoring whitney houston at the grammiys. jennifer hudson is leading a musical tribute to a woman she considered a friend and an idol. i want to bring in case whoa is following the investigation closely into houston's death. it's go
, moving. a celebration of the life of whitney houston. what god lives is never a coincidence ♪ ♪ and more than some happenstance ♪ >> it was a beautiful service. stevie wonder, just one of her friends saluting her during the funeral services at houston's hometown church in new jersey. alicia keys, art kelly, all honoring houston with their voices. stars like tyler perry and kevin costner told personal stories in memory of the superstar. aretha franklin was scheduled to be there but had to cancel because she wasn't feeling well. the service included a letter from her daughter, bobby christina. it read "god said it's time, your work is done. thanks for being a wonderful daughter." as for her ex-husband, bobby brown, he says in a written statement he wasn't happy about being asked to move three times and says security kept him from seeing his daughter. so he left because "i refused to create a scene." in all, it was roughly a four-hour homegoing tribute to whitney houston and punctuating the service today, a recording of louft's "i will always love you" as pallbearers carr
, because any tv show across the world, you know, would drop anything to book whitney houston. she was the ultimate booking. you know, i'm watching the news now and i know there's a lot of speculation about what happened, why it happened, that it's important to note that. but importantly, i think that we must still remember her when she was at her very, very best. because that's what i want to remember and that's what i think she should be remembered for. she was a fantastic artist. an incredible singer. she fell into the wrong crowd, no question of that. and god, i wish that had never happened. but there's nothing we can do about that. but i want to remember her when she was at the very, very top, because we all love stars like this. >> simon, if you could hold on the line for one moment. we're going to go back to don lemon in atlanta. he's going to give a quick news update. >> piers and simon, thank you very much. stand by, everyone, who is watching around the world. i'm don lemon in atlanta. thank you for watching. breaking news tonight. one of the greatest voices of her generat
of whitney howes. houston. the latest on the investigation here. what was found in that hotel room. and late word today, houston's daughter was rushed to the hospital. we also remember that singular sound, that voice. ♪ and i >> and whitney houston in her own words tonight, that candid and revealing interview with diane sawyer. the singer so wanted to conquer her struggles. >>> also this sunday night, the bishops' backlash. the catholic church with a new message for the president. a brand-new turn in that birth control battle. >>> the new science tonight about how much we eat and how much we remember. the powerful new link between diet and memory loss. >>> and at the end of the broadcast here, the star-spangled superstar. that moment whitney houston roused the nation. ♪ and the home of the brave >>> and good evening on this sunday night. we begin here remembering that soaring, sensational voice after learning of the death of whitney houston. that giant voice first heard from houston as a young girl singing in her mother's church choir. a teenager on the verge of worldwide stardom. whitne
yourself it is the greatest love of all >> whitney houston. born with a talent that could only come from god. a voice that could soar to the highest notes. ♪ and i will always love you >> but a life that descended into a poub lick battle with addiction. this morning at 48, that voice is silenced, and fans and the entertainment world are remembering whitney "today," entertainment world are remembering whitney "today," sunday, february 12th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfe. and it's safe to say the music industry lost a titanic voice last night. >> i was just hit with an overwhelming sense of sadness when i heard the news. i loved her music and i think we all felt the horrible struggle she went through in the last few years of her life. >> it was hard for us as fans to watch her go through it. she called herself her own worst enemy. we sort of felt her pain, as well. >> we've been reminded just how many hits she produced over her career. she dominated the pop mu
♪ >>> the breaking news that is that whitney houston, singer, entertainer extrordinaire, dead at the age of 48, found in a hotel room in beverly hills at 3:55 this afternoon pacific time at the beverly hilton hotel. when paramedics got there, they said she was unresponsive and never got her to come back. never revived her. she was supposed to be attending a grammy party for legendary producer clive davis. this is the beverly hilton hotel. piers morgan is helping us out as well. as well as our folks who were there at the beverly hilton tonight. before we go to piers, i want to go to drew pinsky helping us as well. dr. drew, we want to pay tribute to whitney and remember the good things about her and the extraordinary voice and talent that she did possess. we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the possibilities, just the possibilities of what might have happened and some of the issues that whitney dealt with in her life. doctor drew? we lost dr. drew. piers morgan is standing by. i thought it was interesting when you spoke with simon cowell and i got to jump in and he menti
the world's day. people who are fans of whitney houston's, too, are grieving. >> i thought they got it absolutely right today. the family got the balance between giving the fans something and also between keeping it an intimate and family affair for family and friends. i thought they got it bang on. people who criticize it have to imagine what it was like. cissy houston all week trying to wrestle with the right thing to do. you could not argue that was an incredible service to pay tribute to her daughter in the most perfect way. also allowed the immediate why from a respectful distance, i think, and her fans around the world to share in it without being intrusive. i take my hat off to the whole family. they got it spot on today. >> we are look being at pictures of the hearse. this is the gold hearse that carries the body of whitney houston and the casket as they make their way ahead from the church and will head to the funeral home. the burial will be tomorrow. >> there had been the suggestion the service be held somewhere else, the prudential center came up. this was a chance to do
whitney houst houston. the not because she's pretty. i mean, she's pretty, 5-10, cocoa brown skin. (laughter) >> that face, that smile, those eyes, but that's not why i loved whitney houston. i mean, not because she can sing. i mean, the girl sang, all right? i mean, what a voice, not a voi voice. the voice, here me now. i loved whitney houston. could it be the the dancing? maybe not. maybe not that, but i loved whitney houston. i'm saying i love whitney houston. the hair styles? i mean, come on. dance with somebody, the hair, what about the bow in how will i know? the bow in the hair? you know what i mean. i love whitney houston. could it be for the outfits? nobody can wear a gown like whitney houston. can i get an amen? sure. nobody can wear a gown like whitney houston, that style, that grace. that smiling face. i loved whitney for all of those things, but so much more. whitney houston changed my life forever. by entrusting me, ricky, monroe, louisiana with her career, with her music career. why? i believe that god sent her to me. she was my gift and i was hers. and that we wou
as whitney houston's death the night before the grammys. as she's mourned by music's greatest legends who talked to one of the last people to work with her in the days before she died. plus, whitney remembered. she sold over 170 million records. 11 number one hits. but her stunning career was clouded by a painfully public battle with drugs. from church singer to chart topping. whitney's path to fame, fortune and her tragic final moments. and the golden voice. the inside story of her most famous recording of all, the epic ballad that almost wasn't, from the man behind the music. ♪ and i will always love you >> from the global resources of abc news. cynthia mcfadden, terry moran, and bill weir in new york city. this is a special edition of "nightline," "one moment in time: whitney remembered." >>> good evening. i'm cynthia mcfadden. almost no one had what whitney houston had. a talent so big that fans in the millions gave their hearts not only to her songs but to the woman herself. this weekend, she was preparing for music's biggest night of the year, the grammys, where she had won so man
>>> the music industry and fans are mourning the passing of whitney houston, the pop queen ruled the charts for a decade and a half. here's a look back at her golden years. ♪ because the greatest >> reporter: hers was a voice instantly recognized worldwide. recording artist whitney houston sold more than 170 million albums with hit like "saving all my love for you" and "the greatest love of all" ♪ and i will always >> reporter: perhaps her crowning achievement was her 1992 cover of dolly parton's "i will always love you" from her film "the body guard" with kevin costner. whitney houston was born into a musical family in newark, new jersey, in 1963. her talent was discovered at an early age and signed by arista records in 1983. her first two albums brought seven consecutive number one hits, surpassing a record set by the beatles and begys ♪ i want to dance >> reporter: she went on to become music's most awarded female artist of all time according to the guinness book of world records and won six grammys, two emmys, 16 billboard music awards and 23 american music awards and w
of the world's greatest singers has died. whitney houston, found dead in a beverly hills hotel room at the age of 48. on this morning before the music world's biggest celebration, shock and sadness as the world reacts to this sudden loss. >>> so many questions today about what caused her death. we have the latest on the investigation and her constant battles with her addictions. ♪ how will i know if he really loves me ♪ >>> and we honor her amazing talent. her incomparable voice. called a natural treasure. every song, unforgettable. that made her one of the best-selling artists, ever. this morning, we celebrate the life and the legacy of whitney houston. ♪ i will always love you >>> the unmistakable voice of whitney houston. still so hard to believe. good morning, everyone, george and i are here with dan and bianna. they have been working throughout the night covering this story, the death of a music legend. >> that's right, whitney houston only 48 years old. we don't have a lot of details on what happened yet. no official cause of death. but we do know that she was found in her bathtub
. and that of course was jennifer hudson's heartfelt tribute to whitney houston at last night's grammy awards. the music world is still reeling from her sudden deaths but her colleagues are remembering her golden voice and her brilliant career. >> i'm erica hill. >>> new details from investigators on her final days, and also a look back at the highs and lows of her troubled life. >>> and i'm gayle king in los angeles. i'll have the behind the scenes action from last night's grammys, and we'll speak with music legend quincy jones about the loss of her close friend. >>> first, we begin this morning with a very different eye opener. ♪ if i should stay >> there is no way around this. we've had a death in our family. ♪ i would only be in your way . >> late word tonight that singer whitney houston has died. >> completely devastating. i don't know what to say. ♪ so i'll go >> she was the greatest voice of all time. ♪ but i know >> whitney would have wanted the music to go on. and her family asked that we carry on. >> we're celebrating the beautiful mis-whitney houston! come on, y'all! ♪ th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,866 (some duplicates have been removed)